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Wifi Tracker is a WiFi scanner that can help you see the state of wi-fi networks in your vicinity.

Ever desired to whiff out and compass those fugitive open WiFi get entry to points?
This wi-fi scanner uses your GPS and WiFi in mixture to checkup for Wi-Fi hotspots, additionally saves their role to a train which you may also export a KML educate to Google Earth, import to Kismet, or use realtime internet uploads to checkup and upload in realtime!

Excellent for wardriving on your automobile, to overlook masses of hotspots-it can take care of logging the location of heaps of accesspoints without crashing and with out posting duplicates.
Relatively beneficial for factor exams ( surveying for secure Wi Fi get right of entry to points), or surveying massive areas as part of a larger security inspection. Has laggardly down alternatives for surveying while taking walks as properly, so you can move for a perambulation or a run around a point and the scanner will nonetheless paintings with out eating plenty of battery strength
It can also be used in case you just have a fleeting interest in seeing what’s available-for illustration you can take a force round your megacity centre and notice the state of get right of entry to points ( open, secured, insecure, and so forth).
The CSV import helps you to export the statistics for manipulation to your favourite spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice/ LibreOffice), or visualise get entry to points using the KML import.

WiFi Tracker also is aware of about who made the accesspoint that it has plant so can descry utmost accesspoints made via netgear, d- hyperlink, 3com, apple, linksys, and so on
. Still, and you’ve got a excessive- resolution (QStarz 818XT) GPS tool related to that app, also WiFi Tracker will compound it’s GPS statistics automatically with the superior resolution facts from Torque
, If the Torque app is also strolling at the tool.
Still, drop me an dispatch using the’ contact inventor’ link and I will see what I can do!
, If you’ve got any tips.

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